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never, not in decades, stop being strangers

[...] My longed-for circle of family is choking me. The silk bow ties on my cheap business blouses--that middle-class disguise I'd wished for--are choking me. The good family name for my son is a strangle, since it forces me to drive with a restless kid hours in murderous traffic to dine with polit…

—p.165 Lit Self Help (163) by Mary Karr

elision (en)

(linguistics) the omission of a sound or syllable when speaking OR the act or an instance of omitting something

The usual elisions occur

—p.106 In Praise of Messy Lives: Essays Joan Didion (102) by Katie Roiphe


Articles (32)

An interview with Thomas Piketty
LSE International Inequalities Institute Working Paper 1 - Medium

The Dangerous Myth of 'Taxpayer Money'
Raúl Carrillo & Jesse Myerson - Splinter

Citizen Thiel
by Guy Patrick Cunningham - Los Angeles Review of Books

Super Position
by David Graeber - The New Inquiry

Hurt People
by Bobby London - The New Inquiry

I miss you
by Shady Sands - Team Liquid

How to Say You Maybe Don’t Want to Be Married Anymore
Sarah Bregel takes a close look at her marriage after two kids, and wonders, how hard is too hard? - Longreads

Book chapters (271)

Project Runway
How to build a better failure. - Failure (Logic #5)

With Strings Attached
by Melisa Handl and Susan Spronk - Uneven and Combined

The Magic Kingdom
The dark side of the Disney dream - The Baffler #45: Chronic Youth

Strike with the Band
The meritocratic failures of classical music - The Baffler: The Contract State (#47)

The Wife Glitch
Household tech makes women’s work profitable—for men - The Baffler Issue 51: The Saving Power

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me
An American family’s struggle for student loan redemption - The Baffler No. 40 - Forced Exposure

The Century of Spin
In the formative days of public relations, elites imagined a “guided democracy” - The Baffler #44 - Truth Decay

The Museum of Failed Startups
The purest way to study startup as a culture is through failure. - Failure (Logic #5)

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