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Vegas qua Vegas

But Las Vegas as most of us see it, Vegas qua Vegas, comprises the
dozen or so hotels that flank the Strip’s middle. [...]

—p.9 Consider the Lobster and Other Essays Big Red Son (3) by David Foster Wallace

vanishing mediator (en)

a concept that exists to mediate between two opposing ideas, as a transition occurs between them. At the point where one idea has been replaced by the other, and the concept is no longer required, the mediator vanishes. Fredric Jameson introduced the term in a 1973 essay; used by Žižek

According to Žižek, the subject is a ‘vanishing mediator’.39 This concept is adopted from Jameson. In the latter it refers to any phenomenon that allows another phenomenon to emerge and disappears once it has performed that task.

—p.184 Left Hemisphere: Mapping Contemporary Theory Equality as Event (169) by Gregory Elliott, Razmig Keucheyan


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