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no refuge

It’s hard to imagine what the 1960s would have been like if TV viewers, flooded with nightly news reports of atrocities, emergencies, and horrors, had simultaneously been getting their entertainment jollies out of fantasy versions of the same atrocities, emergencies, and horrors. But that’s more ...

Power, Corruption, and Lies Fear Factor (6) by Tom Carson

lambent (en)

(adjective) playing lightly on or over a surface; flickering / (adjective) softly bright or radiant / (adjective) marked by lightness or brilliance especially of expression

They spend lambent, warm afternoons sequestered in quiet rooms.

on writers. god i love this word

The Future of Fiction Specially Marked Packages (91) by Christopher Sorrentino


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Super Position
by David Graeber - The New Inquiry

An interview with Thomas Piketty
LSE International Inequalities Institute Working Paper 1 - Medium

The Dangerous Myth of 'Taxpayer Money'
Raúl Carrillo & Jesse Myerson - Splinter

Citizen Thiel
by Guy Patrick Cunningham - Los Angeles Review of Books

Hurt People
by Bobby London - The New Inquiry

I miss you
by Shady Sands - Team Liquid

How to Say You Maybe Don’t Want to Be Married Anymore
Sarah Bregel takes a close look at her marriage after two kids, and wonders, how hard is too hard? - Longreads

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Project Runway
How to build a better failure. - Failure (Logic #5)

With Strings Attached
by Melisa Handl and Susan Spronk - Uneven and Combined

The Museum of Failed Startups
The purest way to study startup as a culture is through failure. - Failure (Logic #5)

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