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movement is an inherent condition of our indebtedness

Thus ‘migrant subjectivity’ under capitalism is a false category that naturalises borders and national citizenship. By forgetting the ways in which capitalism forces us to be on the move as a systemic condition, we create and reinforce relations of hierarchy and inequality between people that are...

Salvage #5: Contractions ‘With or Without You’: Naturalising Migrants and the Never-Ending Tragedy of Liberalism (161) missing author

protean (en)

(adjective) of or resembling Proteus in having a varied nature or ability to assume different forms / (adjective) displaying great diversity or variety; versatile

failing better is the only way to make (contingent, endlessly protean) meaning

The Unspeakable Failures of David Foster Wallace: Language, Identity, and Resistance "Something to Do with Love": Writing and the Process of Communication (93) by Clare Hayes-Brady


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Super Position
by David Graeber - The New Inquiry

An interview with Thomas Piketty
LSE International Inequalities Institute Working Paper 1 - Medium

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Project Runway
How to build a better failure. - Failure (Logic #5)

With Strings Attached
by Melisa Handl and Susan Spronk - Uneven and Combined

The Museum of Failed Startups
The purest way to study startup as a culture is through failure. - Failure (Logic #5)

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