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palimpsest »
a manuscript or piece of writing material on whic…
soubrette »
(noun) a coquettish maid or frivolous young woman…
echt »
(adjective) true genuine
stolid »
calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or a…
pari passu »
(adverb or adjective) at an equal rate or pace
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neo-Brechtian subversion of the diegesis
[...] Reg’s grip on the camcorder not always being that ste…
emotional as a grain elevator
Horst. A fourth-generation product of the U.S. Midwest, emo…
Benford’s Law as a fraud examiner’s tool
Though it’s been around in some form for a century and more…
Maxine improvises
“My boss thinks they might’ve been double-billing us,” Maxi…
what happened to revenge of the nerds?
“Sad thing is, is ’ere’s enough code monkeys around who’ll …