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The Dispossessed
by Ursula K. Le Guin

user-generated content about this includes: GI Unit; Commune; NS; Jacobin

K. Le Guin, U. (1999). The Dispossessed. Orion Publishing Group.

Orion Publishing Group, 1999. 336 pages. Paperback. 9781857988826

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lambent »
(adjective) playing lightly on or over a surface;…
apotheosis »
the highest point in the development of something…
there is nothing new under any sun
“My race is very old,” Ketho said. “We have been …
my Earth is a ruin
“My world, my Earth, is a ruin. A planet spoiled …
we have created crime, just as the propertarians …
"[...] e’re ashamed to say we’ve refused a postin…
now and for life
They were face to face now, but they had not touc…
the individual cannot bargain with the State
On Anarres he had chosen, in defiance of the expe…