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Down and Out in Silicon Valley
by Mel Krantzler, Patricia Biondi Krantzler
July 10, 2019 - July 11, 2019 (read/silicon-valley-etc)

Krantzler, M. and Biondi Krantzler, P. (2002). Down and Out in Silicon Valley. Prometheus Books.

Prometheus Books, 2002. 300 pages. Hardcover. 9781573929264

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Harry wanted to be the only child in his marriage
Having a child meant acknowledging you were growi…
being young was the only value in life
[...] Youth was the gold mine CEOs could exploit,…
wealth that defines your important status in life
[...] Silicon Valley is more than just a geograph…
in my business it's important to win people's tru…
I learned to survive in that hellhole of a family…
if they had no career identity, then they were no…
All of these avenues of anguish were ways they we…