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advice/living (19)

just like life advice. ideally philosophical rather than pragmatic

archive/dissertation (277)

possibly relevant for my dissertation

archive/mc433 (54)

tech and justice essay quotes

archive/so478 (31)

inequalities essay

inspo/anti-capitalism (48)

pretty ways to challenge capitalist ideas

inspo/characterisation (30)

nice character descriptions (fiction, memoir, journalism)

inspo/criticism (13)

just really good art (literary, film, tv) criticism

inspo/dialogue (25)

good dialogue, with or without quotation marks

inspo/interiority (48)

not descriptions of the physical world but of whatever is going on in the writer's mind

inspo/misc (32)

miscellaneous inspo

inspo/revelation (13)

something crucial is revealed to the audience

inspo/self-deprecation (13)

particularly wry or poignant examples of self-awareness

inspo/setting (47)

really good descriptions of nature or other vivid life-like details for memoir/fiction

inspo/war (1)

fog of war stuff

misc/mistakes (12)

a truly petty compendium of typos and other errors that shouldn't be in a published book

misc/poetry (21)

poems i like

piece/dystopian-fiction (6)

My blog post about YA (specifically dystopian) fiction and its value

piece/from-first-principles (5)

my blog post series about things from first principles

piece/high-castle (11)

my review of man in the high castle

piece/kill-your-heroes (7)

blog post about what it means to kill your heroes (treating them as real human beings, with maybe some good ideas)

piece/silicon-jest (77)

Inspiration for Silicon Jest

topic/ambition (2)

the pursuit of fame and how not to let that destroy you

topic/contractors (5)

on two-tier workforces in any industry (tho especially tech)

topic/everybody-else (4)

reflections or realisations about the self not being the centre of the universe

topic/having-a-body (19)

some overlap with living advice, but also relevant for various stories i'm writing

topic/love (5)

the other side of heartbreak

topic/taxation (1)

taxes and public spending

why/dfw (13)

(third-party) quotes that explain why DFW was such a good writer

why/read (17)

Why read?

why/write (27)

Why write?