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dissertation (278)

possibly relevant for my dissertation

dystopian-fiction (6)

My blog post about YA (specifically dystopian) fiction and its value

fave-quotes (9)

just quotes I really like

fighting-words (32)

inspiring anti-capitalist stuff lol

from-first-principles (5)

my blog post series about things from first principles

good-writing (60)

just damn good writing

high-castle (10)

my review of man in the high castle

kill-your-heroes (8)

blog post about what it means to kill your heroes (treating them as real human beings, with maybe some good ideas)

mc433 (54)

tech and justice essay quotes

mistakes (10)

a truly petty compendium of typos and other errors that shouldn't be in a published book

silicon-jest (78)

Inspiration for Silicon Jest

so478 (31)

inequalities essay

why-dfw (10)

(third-party) quotes that explain why DFW was such a good writer