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Chapter 5

Into the Funhouse


on writing Westward; his time at Yaddo (where he met Jay McInerney); his first brushes with the emptiness of fame; a temp creative writing teaching job at Amherst as a 25-year-old; being unhappy and descending into TV, drinking, drugs, and loneliness; some legal issues with GCH; stops taking Nardil; encounters Franzen's The Twenty-Seventh City (for which he wrote a blurb that went unused); goes back to Tucson and teaches creative writing at U of A; GCH finally comes out; goes to Yaddo again; starts a PhD in philosophy at Harvard and tries to commit suicide

Max, D. (2012). Chapter 5. In Max, D. Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace. Viking, pp. 89-134