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What is an Author?
by Michel Foucault
March 12, 2017 - March 12, 2017 (read/owned-ebooks/literary-criticism)

originally delivered as a lecture in 1969, two years after the first English publication of Barthes’ famous essay "Death of the Author, 1967"; though he never explicitly mentions it, he is criticising Barthes' position here.

he also talks about what it means to be an author like Freud or Marx, i.e., someone who has not just authored specific works but also whole schools of thought

Foucault, M. (None). What is an Author?. None.

15 pages. ISBN?

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polysemous »
when a word or phrase has multiple meanings (from…
architectonic »
relating to architecture or architects
typology »
a classification according to general type, espec…
fixism »
the non-scientific theory that the species alive …
expiate »
atone for (guilt or sin)
the author does not precede the works
Second, there are reasons dealing with the "ideol…
the author in modern literary criticism
Modern literary criticism, even when—as is now cu…
the space left empty by the author's disappearance
It is not enough, however, to repeat the empty af…
simply rolls of paper
The first is the idea of the work [_oeuvre_]. It …
its own unfolded exteriority
First of all, we can say that today's writing has…