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the dullness of returning to your own chilly, empty home piece/panopticon

[...] After the exuberant dance scene where Laurie meets the March sisters and then helps them get home, there are two paired shots of Timothee Chalamet as Laurie, first standing awkwardly in the March house as its numerous women tumble and talk over each other around him, everything the color of f…

teen movie by Helena Fitzgerald
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to come out of it gave her a revolutionary impulse inspo/characterisation piece/panopticon

[...] she had to wait for an uncle in Havana to find a husband for her - she had been a matrimonial defective, a reject. To come out of it gave her a revolutionary impulse. There was going to be no sign of her early humiliation, not in any form, no bitter residue. What you didn't want you would s…

—p.51 The Bellarosa Connection (35) by Saul Bellow
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Amazon workers' strategies for making rate

To encourage competition, managers publicly post a ranking of employee productivity at the end of each day. In some warehouses, there’s a whiteboard; in others, a printed piece of paper or an electronic display. Ashleigh Strange, who worked at a warehouse in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania between 2013…

—p.196 Surviving Amazon (189) missing author
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tactical media

Although open publishing was key to the success of Indymedia, the technical aspects alone weren’t what attracted its user base. Just as important were the anti-capitalist and justice-centered values. I came to the Tennessee Indymedia Center’s website, tnimc.org, to write and read stories about how …

—p.163 Another Network is Possible (155) missing author