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Dark Matter
by Blake Crouch
Dec. 29, 2019 - Dec. 30, 2019 (read/fiction)

Crouch, B. (2016). Dark Matter. Crown.

Crown, 2016. 342 pages. Hardcover. 9781101904220

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redolent »
strongly reminiscent or suggestive of
you live with your choices and learn
[...] He turns to DAniela. "I got everything I ev…
like some piece of machinery has just seized in m…
I find myself moving toward you through the grass…
fixing things as an adult that hurt you as a child
"Why do people marry versions of their controllin…
watching the daylight fade over Chicago
I sit in bed watching the daylight fade over Chic…
the entire span of my life yawning out ahead of me
There's an energy to these autumn nights that tou…