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a meaningless bullshit response to meaningless bullshit

[...] I remember not getting Camus's The Fall read in time, for instance, and having to totally bullshit my way through the Literature of Alienation midterm--in other words, I was cheating, at least by implication--but not feeling much about it one way or the other, that I can recall, except a so…

—p.188 The Pale King §22 (156) by David Foster Wallace

obviate (en)

(verb) to anticipate and prevent (as a situation) or make unnecessary (as an action)

These troops were originally sent to the region to contain the global ascendancy of communism (in general) and China (in particular), and while history has obviated the first justification, the second one remains

—p.13 n+1 Issue 33: Overtime The Korean Peace Process (11) missing author


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