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it's the power of the boss

[...] as a recent forum in the Nation asked, “Does labor deserve its own downfall?” The movement’s long, sad decline must in some way be a comeuppance. Pick your poison: racism and sexism, retrograde valorization of toil and hostility to environmental protection, bureaucratic complacency, instituti…

—p.92 n+1 Issue 26: Dirty Work Who Works for the Workers? (91) by Gabriel Winant

aporia (en)

(noun) an expression of real or pretended doubt or uncertainty especially for rhetorical effect / (noun) a logical impasse or contradiction / (noun) a radical contradiction in the import of a text or theory that is seen in deconstruction as inevitable

he had found at the centre of his intellectual web what critical theorists virtuosically discovered in other thinkers’ theories, namely an aporia (a word taken from the Greek for ‘no passage’, and often signifying perplexity).

on Habermas

—p.380 Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School Part VII: Back from the Abyss--Habermas and Critical Theory after the 1960s (351) by Stuart Jeffries


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Super Position
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