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ideology is always contradictory

Ideology is always contradictory. There is no single, integrated ‘ruling ideology’ - a mistake we repeat again now in failing to distinguish between conservative and neoliberal repertoires. Ideology works best by suturing together contradictory lines of argument and emotional investments - findin...

The Neoliberal Revolution The neoliberal revolution (9) by Stuart Hall

aporia (en)

(noun) an expression of real or pretended doubt or uncertainty especially for rhetorical effect / (noun) a logical impasse or contradiction / (noun) a radical contradiction in the import of a text or theory that is seen in deconstruction as inevitable

a way getting out of this aporia

Cognitive Capitalism New capitalism, new contradictions (92) by Yann Moulier-Boutang


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Super Position
by David Graeber - The New Inquiry

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Project Runway
How to build a better failure. - Failure (Logic #5)

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