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clearly not good for the user

When you’re an engineer, you’re constantly being told to do things that are clearly not good for the user. If you’re building any kind of app or platform that makes its money from advertising, you are trying to maximize “time spent”—how long a user spends with your product. Time spent is consider...

Failure (Logic #5) Life Aboard the Rocket Ship: An Interview with an Anonymous Engineer (225) missing author

multivalent (en)

(adj) having or susceptible to many applications, interpretations, meanings, or values

For he felt his own work to be multiplex but not truly multivalent--the buck stopped at Nabokov, the man who had placed the details there in the first place.

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays Rereading Barthes and Nabokov (42) by Zadie Smith


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Super Position
by David Graeber - The New Inquiry

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Project Runway
How to build a better failure. - Failure (Logic #5)

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