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[...] Fernando is also upset about Uber shifting its eligiblity requirement for cars - in 2014, he spent $42,000 on an Uber-eqligible car (which meant a 2005 or newwer model); but in February 2015, Uber began allowing models dating to 2001. "You know how many people went tothe dealer and buy [sic] new cars?" [...] his voice drops when he describes his sons' disappointment in his situation: his familiy thoguht they were getting a pathway to the middle class, and now their father is working hard at a job that is failing him.

this is SO sad

also, think about implications of Uber changing policyand acting as if it's not a big deal, they shouldnthave to take responsiblity, etc. if it isnt a big deal then dont doit

—p.74 The Technology Pitch: How Uber Creates Entrepreneurship for the Masses (73) by Alex Rosenblat 3¬†months, 1¬†week ago