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Drivers' experiences demonstrate the gap betwen rhetoric and reality when Uber talks about being a beacon of entrepeneurial oppportunity. The image of driver-as-entrepreneur fails forthree main reasons: drivesr have no control over the raetat whichthey work; they do not determine which jobs they take while logged in; and they are routinely punished for any attempt to "disrupt" the system that Uber imposes.

thinking about uber's objection to allowing drivers control which jobsthey take: that they would discriminate against certain jobs which would mean less reliable service for the customer. how to circumvent that? up the rates for the driver (equivalent to overtime/night bonus) without raising rate for customer? seems reasonable imo. some rides subsidise others

piece rates are dumb and bad for workers

—p.75 The Technology Pitch: How Uber Creates Entrepreneurship for the Masses (73) by Alex Rosenblat 1¬†week, 3¬†days ago