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[...] The range of driver motivations within Uber's labor pool supports the company's business model of employing part-timers as the majority of its drivers and full-timers as the minority of its drivers: part-timers can inadvertently undermine the leverage that full-timers ned to advocate better working conditions. Though their motivations can overlap happy and unhappy drivers are products of a business model that opens up part-time opportunities for many at the expense of a dedicated few.


incremental solutions here: hobbyists' income should be donated to pool (if they actually dont need it?) once you drive 40h a week you should be entitled to a minimum hourly pay? (maybe higher than if you drive less?) idk think about this more

(also full-timers should obviously have their equipment paid for)

—p.72 Motivations to Drive: How Uber’s System Rewards Full-Time and Recreational Drivers Differently (49) by Alex Rosenblat 3 months, 1 week ago