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[...] The note went on to say "Please accept every request that Uber sends your way, and do not cancel tripsin the hope that your nextdispatch willbe a surge trip." In effect, Uber used the promise of surge pricing to shepherd adriver to a particular place at a particular time, and when the driver opted to decline a nonsurge fare in favor of waiting for a more profitable, surge-priced dispatch, he or she was sanctioned by the Uber manager for "surge manipulation". In UBerland, the data that drivers see on their individual screens is deployed to manipulate their behavior, but permitted manipulation is a one-way street.

email from Uber Support after a passenger gave feedback (supposedly) about surge manipulation

amazing how they can just say that without even the pretense of worrying about employment classification law. basically saying: do exactly as you're told, even if you make less money, otherwise you'll be in trouble

—p.98 The Technology Pitch: How Uber Creates Entrepreneurship for the Masses (73) by Alex Rosenblat 3¬†months, 1¬†week ago