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[...] One Utah driver posted the following in a forum in the summer of 2017:

This is the scam Uber is playing, calling us contractors when we're obviously not. If you're a painting contractor, do you accept ajobwithout knowing what it is or how much it pays? Of course not. But this is exactly what Uber is doing to us. Like tellingthe painting contractor you have a job for him but hehas to acceptitbeforeheknows what it is. Paint the whole house for 50 bucks and you the contractor have to supply the paint. You'd tell them to go pound sand, the paint alone costs more than 50 bucks. Then the painting contractor is told he already accepted the job and if he cancels he'll never work in this town again.

on my point in note 4195: we should shift the burden to the entity most capable of handling it (ie the company)

—p.94 The Technology Pitch: How Uber Creates Entrepreneurship for the Masses (73) by Alex Rosenblat 3¬†months, 1¬†week ago