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Raj has been driving professionally in Toronto for nine years ,first as a taxi driver, then as the owner of a for-hire vehicle business, and now for uberSelect, a higher-end service. He admires UBer's technology, but he sees the influx of nonoccupational drivers as a threat to his livelihood: "Competition is always good for everyone; but again, it should be reasonable not that you just flood the market." With the advent of Uber, he's become anxious about the stability of his income as a professional driver and is looking to change careeers. He keeps textbooks under the front passenger seat so that in between rides he can study to become a mortgage broker. In essence, Uber's model opens up employment opportunities for anyone who wants a job, but the conditions UBer sets for this workundermine driving as a viable occuption.

think about competition more. valorised by free marketeers (except when it might threaten their own business). how ot think about it? merely an illusion/tool wielded in self-interest, not a real unviersal belief?

—p.57 Motivations to Drive: How Uber’s System Rewards Full-Time and Recreational Drivers Differently (49) by Alex Rosenblat 3 months, 1 week ago