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Silicon Valley carries the banner of "technological exceptionalism", the idea that the regulations and laws that apply to their industry competitors or predecessors do not apply to them for the simple reason that they identify primarily astechnology companies. These tech giants reason that the technology services they offer to achieve a familiar goal (lkemoving a passenger from A to B ina taxi) are qualitatively different from the actions that these laws were designed to govern. [...]

something to write about in a fragment or maybe my book: regulation is not inherently good but disrupting it is not either (despite imge ofanyregulated industry as ossified etc). consdier what the regulations are for. tech critics often assume that reg is good not realising (or caring) that its proponents assume that it's bad hence talking past each other

—p.34 Driving as Glamorous Labor: How Uber Uses the Myths of the Sharing Economy (21) by Alex Rosenblat 3¬†months, 1¬†week ago