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(adjective) difficult knotty / (adjective) ; rough to the touch; as / (adjective) having small raised dots, scales, or points / (adjective) covered with raised, roughened, or unwholesome patches / (adjective) dealing with suggestive, indecent, or scandalous themes; salacious / (adjective) squalid

Highlighted phrases


in his scabrous takedown of John Updike's Toward the End of Time

—p.10 Author Here: The Legal Fiction of David Foster Wallace's The Pale King (9) by Marshall Boswell
4 years ago

the Institute for Social Research as it evolved in the 1930s. It was Brechtian in its inverse relationship between scabrous critique and changing that which it critiqued


—p.135 Part III: The 1930s (123) by Stuart Jeffries
4 years, 3 months ago

its idea of scabrous determination

—p.100 Grit (100) by John Patrick Leary
2 years ago

The Future of Fiction
by multiple authors

The Future of Fiction
by multiple authors

The Future of Fiction
by multiple authors

sneak such scabrousness in through the back door

—p.92 Specially Marked Packages (91) by Christopher Sorrentino
4 years, 2 months ago

Nixon's scabrous attorney general

—p.99 Keepers of the Big Gate in the Sky (93) by Franklin Foer
4 years ago