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lambent »
(adjective) playing lightly on or over a surface;…
abeyance »
(noun) a lapse in succession during which there i…
autotelic »
(adjective) having a purpose in and not apart fro…
serried »
(adjective) crowded or pressed together; compact …
umbrage »
(noun) offense or annoyance
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here was a way of reaching someone
[...] I gave him the stories on a Friday so they were in hi…
i hadn’t yet read a single word by Italo Calvino
[...] Strange to think but when I first wrote the tale I h…
open their legs with a smile whenever it’s required
[...] Showalter’s study argues that cultural notions about …
in a state of bovine equanimity
[...] I vowed not to give or lend him any more books after …
you don’t ever step into the same book twice
[...] Sometimes I think of asking for it back. But I can’t …