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With my suddenly free arm, I scoop up some ants from the hospital floor and try to find one with an introspective expression. Alas, they all look the same. And let’s face it, they all look stupid. I realize this is a form of bigotry or speciesism or just plain anti-antism on my part, and I am correctly ashamed, but for the life of me, I cannot tell one from the other of these idiotic-looking creatures. There’s one that seems to have a dimple on his (her, thon) face, but I suspect it is only some sort of injury or birth defect. In any event, it makes him (her, thon) look kind of cute, especially when he, she, thon smiles, which makes me decide he, she, thon is even less intelligent than even the regular ants. Again, I realize this is looksist, and I am correctly further ashamed. I place the cute ant back on the floor and drift back into my memory of Calcium.

—p.678 by Charlie Kaufman 10 months, 3 weeks ago