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lugubrious »
(adjective) mournful / (adjective) exaggeratedly …
hebetude »
(noun) lethargy dullness
turgid »
(adjective) being in a state of distension; swoll…
nescience »
(noun) lack of knowledge or awareness; ignorance
gabardine »
a firm hard-finish durable fabric (as of wool or …
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it lets you know I am not interested in fashion
MY BEARD IS a wonder. It is the beard of Whitman, of Rasput…
I refuse to be photographed
[...] Several framed examples from various small but presti…
even after they were acquired by Amazon
Anyway, it’s ancient history, to quote every schmo and his …
the Christopher Nolan of coffee
In a car. I am driving. Me but not me. You know what I mean…
Neelon’s Genuine Tuna Fish
[...] There’s something disquieting about unfamiliar fast-f…