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He means that the "backyard-barbecue and three-martini" mother lode of American realism mined by an earlier generation of writers--writers from Updike country--simpy fails to connect with him, either as writer or reader.

Rather, Wallace is a descendant of that subversive, anarchic branch of American literature ("Nabokov's children," he calls them) that began veering off the main stem in the 1960s: novelists such as Thomas Pynchon (Gravity's Rainbow), John Barth (The Sot-Weed Factor), Robert Coover (The Public Burning), William Gaddis (J R, The Recognitions), and--Wallace's favorite--Don DeLillo (White Noise, Libra).

—p.73 Young Writers and the TV Reality (73) missing author 5¬†years ago