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The interruption of the closure, in this instance, by the frame: "LTV [Steel] was able to use its bankruptcy to reduce payments to productive workers." In the old days when the city bus used to pull up to the factory gate, the driver would call out "butcher shop" or "slaughterhouse". In negotiations with the steelworkers union, LTV extracted more takebacks than other, presumably healthier steel companies were able to." I can remember sitting around the lunch table and everybody at that table, there must have been seven or eight people, had a finger or something missing. "This gave LTV an advantage over its competitors." Believe it or not, people felt it was kind of like a badge of honor that they had a finger or something mising, and that would be a topic of conversations.** "Bankruptcy became, through a cultural process that understood bankruptcy as failure, a condition for success."

from $00 / line / steel / train

—p.13 by Mark Nowak 3¬†years, 10¬†months ago