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Shut Up Shut Down
by Amiri Baraka, Mark Nowak
April 25, 2020 - April 25, 2020 (read/class-struggle/poetry)

Nowak, M. (2008). Shut Up Shut Down. Coffee House Press.

Coffee House Press, 2008. 161 pages. Paperback. 9781566891639

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doctors expect them to get worse and more frequent
"He said his father can't survive on an $8- or $9…
when you went into that iron house
**Every day you put your life on the line when yo…
what we can't afford in the first place
History, the arrow pointing past \[inside …
I can't even speak proper
**Forty years of hard work and what have I got to…
had a finger or something missing
The interruption of the closure, in this instance…