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Sales: ‘We take every step to protect this data and respect the privacy of users. This data is proprietary after all! We adhere to all the self-regulatory policies as put forth by the IAA, DAA, DAAC, the UK’s Good Practice Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising, and the European IDAA’s self-regulatory principles!’

Client: ‘What do you mean by self-regulatory principles? Are there no laws that regulate this kind of thing?’

Sales: ‘Look, I’m here to tell you about the platform. Leave the laws to other people. All you need to know is that it’s perfectly legal. As far as self-regulation goes, we firmly believe that the market can effectively selfregulate privacy, and all these organizations set out a list of best practices for minimizing risk that members say they’ll adhere to. There’s even a few marketing associations out there that are working to prescribe best practices, so government need not interfere! Besides, regulatory agencies haven’t established any clear laws to limit mobile tracking, and yeah sometimes there’s a few bad apples that take it too far, but they’ve been punished. As far as we see it, we’re pushing the envelope on innovative marketing AdTech. As a final point, if for some reason people want to opt-out they can! All these advertising bodies offer opt-out settings for those privacy conscious markets. You just have to download an app, or you can register your MAC address with specific outout registries like the Future of Privacy Forum.’

—p.594 Groundtruth (570) missing author 3 years, 11 months ago