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Steve Clayton: "If Microsoft was a children's story, it would be about a collection of wizards who live inside a castle. They'd invent amazing things that would be the source of progress to many people, but nobody would know where these magical inventions came from."

It would be useless to unmask this story or object to it as an unacceptable simplification that amounts to infantilization. The if-then formulation calls on the imagination and the willing suspension of disbelief familiar from literature. It's also unclear whether the narrator in this example is a wizard himself or just a messenger bringing tidings into the world from the programmers and engineers, the real wizards in the enchanted Microsoft castle. You can reject this communication strategy and refuse to allow yourself to be placed in the position of a child. But that neither negates its claim to validity, nor is its power in any way diminished. It simply requires others who are willing to be enchanted - or even just our belief that these others exist.

idk why but i like this

—p.101 by Philipp Schonthaler 11¬†months, 3¬†weeks ago