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At Intel, they have this system where you're either a blue badge or a green badge. Blue badge, you're an engineer, you're a top admin. If you're a green badge, you're a subcontractor. Which means you're at the bottom. I was a green badge.

There's special events, like the end of the summer, outside with a carnival, If you were a green badge, you were not allowed to go to the picnic, not allowed outside. Since we made the food, we got to eat it anyways - as lunch. But we weren't allowed to go outside and play the games. You could only look. You couldn't touch.

They had it very separetd - by class - as I liked to say, segregated.

Honestly, making those weird little coffee - that was a chance to do something different. Other than that, you were invisible. You were an invisible worker. Things got restocked magically.

—p.193 Maria Guerrero, cafeteria worker and organizer (192) by Cary McClelland 4¬†years, 10¬†months ago