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Many investment bankers I interviewed remarked, occasionally with envy but usually with an edge of moral superiority, how inefficient corporate America is because people move so "slowly." As Wong suggested, it is extremely common for investment bankers to interpret their own experience of overwork as a sign that they know how to "get things done," as proof of their "smartness," in contradistinction to the masses of complacent, less capable workers out in "the real world" who therefore need to be restructured to more efficient use. [...] "We've made everyone smarter. We know much more about how global competition works, about how to create efficiency. Before, in the 1970s, corporations were so sloppy; now they are advanced. We're the grease that makes things turn more efficiently; we understood shareholder value and strategy before anyone else."

inspo for Neil not understanding that most workers already know that their hard work is severed from possibility of reward/advancement and maybe even ultimately useless (selling crap people dont need). they just don't care enough to bother

—p.104 Wall Street's Orientation: Exploitation, Empowerment, and the Politics of Hard Work (2) by Karen Ho 4¬†years, 9¬†months ago