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[...] the company contorts itself in order to avoid giving the impression that its workers are considered employees [...] "It says bicycle couriers who work for Deliveroo are never to be referred to as workers, employees, or staff, and that the Deliveroo jackets they have to wear on the job are not uniforms but 'branded clothing'. These workers don't have 'contracts', says the document, but 'supplier agreements'. They don't 'schedule shifts', but 'indicate their availability'. And they can never get sacked - instead, they're 'terminated'."

about a leaked dock in june 2017

short story idea: non-tech company that tries the same thing and gets sued or workers unionise

—p.159 Behind the Curtain: How Uber Manages Drivers with Algorithms (138) by Alex Rosenblat 3¬†months, 1¬†week ago