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Dockworkers are quite international-minded, more inclined than most to see local struggles in larger contexts due to the nature of shipping -- moving goods, people, and information around the seven seas. Dockers interpret their work and world through a global lens. In Durban and many other ports, they deploy their power to advance internationalist, anti-authoritarian ideals. Global labor historian Marcel van der Linden uses the term "labour internationalism" for actions like the one described above, and defines it as "the collective actions of a group of workers in one country who set aside their short-term interests as a national group on behalf of a group of workers in another country, in order to promote their long-term interests as members of a transnational class." In doing so, they challenge the notion that workers are powerless to shape the world.

—p.51 Durban Dockers, Labor Internationalism, and Pan-Africanism (50) by Peter Cole 8¬†months, 2¬†weeks ago