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[...] Capitalists are rewarded for their inner passivity and lack of integration; but it is urgent to see the human costs of this system, even to its ruling class. Lukacs deepens the case against capitalism by showing us how, even in its mansions on the hill, no one is at home.

[...] Something is fundamentally wrong with modes of thought (whether they are called philosophy, history or science) whose main force is to convince people that there is no alternative to the way they live now. One of the most insidious powers of modern capitalism, Lukacs believes, is its capacity to mobilize the energy of our intellects - and of our intellectuals - to blur our minds and paralyze our will, to reduce us to passive spectators of whatever fate the market inflicts on us.

—p.189 Georg Lukacs's Cosmic Chutzpah (181) by Marshall Berman 6¬†years, 4¬†months ago