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Wealth taxes, inheritance taxes, a tax on financial transactions and a tax on robots have all been mentioned as possible sources of finance for a basic income. Another suggestion is for Google, Facebook and other corporations to pay for the data users now provide for free, from which they make the bulk of their profits, which could then be shared out as a basic income.


In the UK, Stewart Lansley has suggested paying a basic income from a 'social wealth fund' financed by a charge on share ownership. He calculates that a 0.5 per cent annual levy on ownership of shares in the top 100 companies quoted on the UK stock market would raise over £8 billion [...] More than half these sums would be a charge on overseas owners. This writer has proposed a levy on rental income from private ownership and exploitation of all types of property--physical, financial and intellectual--that would be used to build the fund.

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—p.150 The Affordability Issue (127) by Guy Standing 6 years, 10 months ago