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[...] She tries to outsmart the bombers. But, Kluge notes, it is too late. Her only chance to develop an effective strategy against the bombers did not occur that morning or even the night before, or in 1939, or in 1933 . . . but in 1918, at the end of the previous war, when she would have had to join with thousands of other teachers, to organize and teach “hard,” in order to build lasting social relationships that might have blocked the rise of the Nazis. But Gerda learns the lesson of November 1918 in April 1945: Once upon a time, it would have been possible to turn history around.

from the short story “Strategy from Below” by Alexander Kluge, about a German schoolteacher during an air raid in 1945

—p.90 Chapter 3: Th e Economic Consequences of the Perpetual Peace (65) by Richard Dienst 6 years, 11 months ago