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Fictional Film Club
by Mark Savage
Sept. 14, 2021 - Sept. 15, 2021 (read/fiction/film-criticism)

Savage, M. (2019). Fictional Film Club. Deep Overstock.

Deep Overstock, 2019. 302 pages. Paperback. 9781949127065

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elegiac »
relating to or characteristic of an elegy.
their last status updates serve as epitaphs
At this point it is easy to forget the feverish e…
the subtext that swelled to swallow the story
_Lara_: I was trying to distract myself from L, b…
cover my mistakes with more mistakes
[...] They'd never find it. They'd never find me.…
the films are attributed to a fictional director
[...] There he found a group already churning out…
we used this book as a doorstep
_A Book of Books: Quotes, Aphorisms and Sayings F…