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View terms by Vivian Gornick (3)
abeyance »
(noun) a lapse in succession during which there i…
writ large »
clear and obvious, in a stark or exaggerated form
welter »
(verb) writhe toss / (verb) wallow / (verb) to ri…
View notes by Vivian Gornick (30)
a sense of inner expressiveness
There’s a certain kind of cultural hero—the artist, the sci…
Papa works hard all day long
[...] the mere articulation of the words in my mother’s mou…
the nameless, faceless obscurity of the soul
They took with them on this journey not only their own narr…
an idea of the self beyond the self
Who, who came out of that world could fail to remember the …
some intensity of illumination that tore at the soul
What I remember most deeply about the Communists is their p…