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invective »
insulting, abusive, or highly critical language
versts »
(noun) a Russian unit of distance equal to 0.6629…
alembic »
(noun) an apparatus used in distillation / (noun)…
entelechy »
(noun) the actualization of form-giving cause as …
inchoate »
just begun and so not fully formed or developed; …
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sobbing, I ask myself on my knees
The first is the fiefdom of Osvaldo Soriano, who was a good…
what is top-notch writing?
[...] a writer can have many homelands, and sometimes the i…
sown with the bones of these forgotten youths
[...] everything that I’ve written is a love letter or a fa…
keeps poets from throwing themselves off a cliff
And what is Ercilla left with before he writes La Araucana …
city of evening raids
Twenty days in Chile that shook the (mental) world that I i…