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whoever said love sets you free

[...] I looked at Jeffrey and his mother in the audience. They were staring up at me, waiting. They looked like a couple just then, not romantic, but like two people who definitely went together. You purchased them as a set. I understood Jeffrey’s tie to her. Whoever said love sets you free was wro…

—p.227 The Duplex (213) missing author
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31 minutes ago

figure out what you love doing

In the late fifties, early sixties, I was aware that there was this culture of people who were trying to think about a whole range of social justice issues more or less out of the mainstream. Lawrence Ferlinghetti starting the Journal for the Protection of All Beings, the essays of James Baldwin, W…

—p.68 The Art of Poetry No. 108 (41) by Robert Hass
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32 minutes ago

engaged in the grand human adventure why/write

One of the things that was interesting to me working with Czesław for twenty-five years was that he never thought it wasn’t the most important thing in the world. He had despair about the world. He had despair about whether his art could ever achieve what he hoped it would achieve. He had a feeling…

—p.66 The Art of Poetry No. 108 (41) by Robert Hass
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33 minutes ago

I went into the bathroom and threw up

But anyway, so, how many years was it, five? I was writing poems. And I was in New York and giving a reading. This was sometime in the late seventies. Dan said, I would like to publish your next book with Ecco Press, which he had just started. I said, Dan, I don’t have a book. And he said, I just h…

—p.48 The Art of Poetry No. 108 (41) by Robert Hass
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34 minutes ago

show the muse you’re willing to show up advice/writing

The work I’ve done in translation, or writing essays, for example, is just labor. You get in and you do it, though the getting in can be prolonged agony. With poems, if I have a deadline—like I told my editor, Dan Halpern, that I’m going to get a book ready, so I know he needs a finished manuscript…

—p.46 The Art of Poetry No. 108 (41) by Robert Hass