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relating to architecture or architects

naturally accompanying or associated

(from the Greek for "to lead out") a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, particularly a religious text

atone for (guilt or sin)

the fact of being or of being designated the child of a particular parent or parents

the non-scientific theory that the species alive today are identical to those of the past and that evolution does not happen

the relation between words with identical forms but different meanings

a French aristocrat, revolutionary politician, philosopher, and writer, famous for his libertine sexuality

denoting or relating to a name derived from the name of a father or male ancestor

when a word or phrase has multiple meanings (from Greek)

imbue with or treat as having a sacred character or quality

the act of determining and (usually) graphically representing the metrical character of a line of verse

a French symbolic poet and critic in the 19th century

transcending or of overarching concern to multiple discourses; defined by Foucault in What is an Author?

a classification according to general type, especially in archaeology, psychology, or the social sciences

give or assign a value to, especially a higher value: "The prophets valorized history"

Showing results by Michel Foucault only