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(noun) the action of the state in taking or modifying the property rights of an individual in the exercise of its sovereignty; differs from eminent domain in that it can also refer to private property taken by a private entity authorised by the government

Highlighted phrases


in a capitalist socio-economic order it operated as an ‘expropriated state’ devoid of the resources it needed to carry out its tasks

—p.71 Neoliberal Reform: From Tax State to Debt State (47) by Wolfgang Streeck
6 years, 8 months ago

the brief periods of chaotic expropriation that have always undermined the development of Latin America

—p.146 Capital According to Carlos Fuentes (145) by Thomas Piketty
6 years, 4 months ago

Over the course of three decades, this small community (pop. 2,700) has built up a ‘communist utopia’ that has expropriated land, built its own housing and co-operatives, kept living costs low, and provided work for everyone.

on Marinaleda, Spain

—p.48 Why Aren’t We Winning? A Critique of Today’s Left (25) by Alex Williams, Nick Srnicek
6 years, 4 months ago

wine cannot be an entirely happy substance, unless we wrongfully forget that it is also the product of an expropriation

—p.82 Wine and Milk (79) by Roland Barthes
6 years, 5 months ago

the toys are recognizably like commodities, expropriated from the one who makes them and sent out to travel a long (but never infinite) chain of transactions before they can be allowed to resume their unremarkable existence as objects of use or enjoyment

on a story that Karl Marx would tell his daughter Eleanor about a toy shop

—p.140 Chapter 6: The Magic of Debt; or, Reading Marx Like a Child (137) by Richard Dienst
6 years, 4 months ago

the imposition of a negative real interest rate--effectively a wealth tax--on all forms of financial wealth expropriates the incomes of savers and might alter expectations of future effective rates of wealth taxes.

—p.300 Healing and Hubris: The World Economy Today (290) by Mervyn King
6 years, 3 months ago