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(adjective) characteristic of or belonging to the time or state before the fall of humankind

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It would be dangerous and misleading to imagine that the near past was some prelapsarian state rife with political potentials, so it's as well to remember the role that commodification played in the production of culture throughout the twentieth century.

—p.9 It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism (1) by Mark Fisher
5 years, 6 months ago

this doesn’t sound like a communist society premised on solidarity and shared activities, but a prelapsarian paradise wherein material needs are satisfied

Hannah Arendt on Marx

—p.119 Part II: The 1920s (65) by Stuart Jeffries
5 years, 6 months ago

the prelapsarian idyll of internet porn seems to have suffered the same fate as the internet as a whole

—p.64 My Stepdad's Huge Data Set (55) by Logic Magazine
3 years, 8 months ago

Back in those ancient prelapsarian days, "girl-on-girl" hadn't even been invented yet.

—p.97 Nostalgia (97) by George Saunders
5 years, 7 months ago

European dreams of exiting the EU to return to some prelapsarian national serenity in isolation

—p.47 Level 1 (27) by Alfie Bown
5 years, 2 months ago

the antithesis to some prelapsarian sort of creative production

—p.36 "I'm a Man of My--" Wallace and the Incomplete (21) by Clare Hayes-Brady
5 years, 9 months ago

There was a political corollary to this prelapsarian dream

—p.177 Death of the Author (156) by Franklin Foer
5 years, 4 months ago