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in a slanting or oblique position

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There was even a mystery floor with a canted roof and oddly shaped windows creating a visual effect that nauseated the legal department staffers housed there

—p.357 by Douglas Edwards
9 months ago

But every aspect of my existence has canted me in a dark space.

—p.260 Self Help (163) by Mary Karr
2 years, 11 months ago

I just couldn’t stop seeing my marriage except colored by our divorce, and I wrote the same pages over and over, not making stuff up, but canting the material one way, then another. At first I wrote events that cast him as perfect and me as a drunken slag. Then I wrote him as an icy WASP and myself as a tender heart.

—p.179 Major Reversals in Cherry and Lit (173) by Mary Karr
9 months ago