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the use in manufacturing industry of the methods pioneered by Henry Ford, typified by large-scale mechanized mass production

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Investment stayed up for a variety of reasons [...] the political peace between big labour unions, big business, and big government (part of what gets called "Fordism") that characterized this era provided, in a broad sense, a guarantee of high wages, low industrial conflict, and high profits

—p.157 From the Rise of Finance to the Subprime Crisis (151) default author
1 year ago

At the level of culture, Fordism made the world modern. Those mass-produced goods included not just Model T Fords, but also Charlie Chaplin films

—p.83 Part II: The 1920s (65) default author
10 months, 3 weeks ago

The second related feature of UBI is that it transforms precarity and unemployment from a state of insecurity to a state of voluntary flexibility. It is often forgotten that the initial push for flexible labour came from workers, as a way of demolishing the constraining permanency of traditional Fordist labour.

—p.121 Post-Work Imaginaries (107) default author
11 months, 2 weeks ago

Apart from the Bank, three types of social actors appear in the texts during this period: states and governments; companies, banks and industry; engineers, technicians and experts. This social ontology confirms the standard account of post-war reconstruction as industrial, Fordist and Keynesian.

—p.77 Bankspeak (75) default author
11 months, 3 weeks ago

The reorientation of corporate governance towards maximizing shareholder value – namely, the demand from ‘above’ to extract a rate of return on net capital far beyond the prevailing norms of Fordist capitalism

—p.25 Making Others Do Something (1) default author
11 months, 3 weeks ago

It's possible to see the Bolshevik revolution as an exotic version of the Fordist compromise, in which workers' struggles were channeled into supporting a new bureaucratic ruling class in return for a share of consumer goods.


—p.95 default author
11 months ago