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Recruit, Re-Tweet, Renationalise


proposals for building left hegemony with a focus on new media

  1. campus recruitment program focused on CS depts (GradLAB) to build digital tools for the party
  2. annual NetrootsUK events
  3. professionalise new media journalists/writers within the party? not sure (mentions Paul Mason, Owen Jones, Laurie Penny etc). basically influencers lol. Labour should offer them training and certification (don't know if I agree with the last bit)
  4. establish LabourLAB (incubator for new media and tech ideas)
  5. hire a party CTO
  6. hire a new media head (under CTO)
  7. create crowdfunding/donation website (BeRed), like the dems' ActBlue
  8. create new media advisory board

Bastani, A. (2016). Recruit, Re-Tweet, Renationalise. In ? Corbyn and the Future of Labour: A Verso Report. Verso Books, pp. 178-201