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Or should we call those writings an expanding universe? Over the last ten years, as new texts from the archives have been transcribed and published and with many new players entering the picture, Fernando Pessoa & Co. has proved to be a larger, more complex enterprise than anyone had imagined. When Pessoa called his heteronymic venture a drama, he meant it quite literally, for his personae interacted, with him and with each other. They collaborated on publication projects, critiqued, and even translated one another. To use a trendy term, they networked. And so, in the heyday of Sensationism, his most fruitful literary theory, Pessoa invented Antonio de Seabra to serve as one of its critics and Sher Henay to compile an English-language “Sensationist Anthology,” which —had it been executed—would have featured work by Álvaro de Campos and Alberto Caeiro, the movement’s two most illustrious practitioners. Another movement, Neo-paganism, was ardently defended by Pessoa’s philosophical persona, Antonio Mora, who wrote at length about the importance of Alberto Caeiro and Ricardo Reis for the cause. Interaction was most intense among the main writer-characters, with Campos and Reis frequently commenting on Caeiro’s poetry, usually in glowing terms, while they were rather harsher on each other’s work.


—p.5 Introduction: The Drama and Dream of Fernando Pessoa (1) by Richard Zenith 11 months, 4 weeks ago