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[...] Campos was the dynamic, free-spirited heteronym—a bisexual dandy who studied in Glasgow, traveled to the Orient, and lived it up in London, acting out many things Pessoa dreamed of but never dared to do. Or never cared to? Whatever the case, Pessoa had no reason to regret having delegated his adventurous streak to Campos, who eventually wearied of his boisterous, footloose existence, coming home to Lisbon and to the realization that all his travels and shenanigans had been quite useless, since, as he had already discerned in an early poem, “however much I felt I never felt enough,/ And life always pained me, it was always too little, and I was unhappy.” So that Campos, besides sparing his creator the bother of living, vindicated Pessoa’s decision to let himself be spared.

—p.2 Introduction: The Drama and Dream of Fernando Pessoa (1) by Richard Zenith 1 year, 1 month ago