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Today is a slow day. He needs to check his bank account to see if he can afford presents for Gustavo’s children: the €6,000 from his father’s last bank transfer, for the fourth quarter of 2010, has gone quickly, and the first payment of the year usually arrives a little late; his father needs time to divest. Checking the account always makes him feel anxious. He sees that the €260 for his Coldplay interview has finally come in, so now all he needs to know is whether Tullius, who has strong opinions about parenting, will bless Nico’s desire to buy his children presents. Later that afternoon, he’ll sit down and map out his review of Kanye and Jay-Z’s upcoming album for Vice Italy. He’s decided to describe it track by track without actually listening to it, to show that the Society of Spectacle doesn’t actually need to produce or consume any actual works of art. He texts Tullio and tells him he’ll meet him at FAO Schwarz at 11:30.


—p.88 Part II: The Unhappy Lives of Kept Romans in New York (85) by Francesco Pacifico 1 year, 1 month ago