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For months, I’d lain awake next to him, as my nerves shrilled and my mind performed frantic, scuttling maneuvers. Now I felt calm. The realization that you’re out of options brings with it its own brand of peace. I would leave him, I decided. I would leave him, his parents’ money, and the shockproof captivity of moderate means. I would do it today. Then, whatever privations waited for me on the other side, I wouldn’t have to do this again. I wouldn’t have to hear him tell lies. I wouldn’t have to watch him, wide-eyed as a manga girl, swear, swear, that what he’d just said, he hadn’t said, that what he’d just done, he hadn’t done, that it was all just a figment of my febrile, female brain.

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—p.13 by Tabitha Lasley 1 year, 3 months ago