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Using slavery as its model, the convict lease system did not discriminate between male and female labor. Men and women were frequently housed together in the same stockade and were yoked together during the workday. In a resolution passed by the 1883 Texas State Convention of Negroes, “the practice of yoking or chaining male and female convicts together” was “strongly condemned.”5 Likewise, at the Founding Convention of the Afro-American League in 1890, one of the seven reasons motivating the creation of this organization was “(t)he odious and demoralizing penitentiary system of the South, its chain gangs, convict leases and indiscriminate mixing of males and females.”6

not really sure i undestand the point she's making here. like i dont get why mixing is bad, unless the implication is that it encourages sexual assault? otherwise idgi

—p.89 THE MEANING OF EMANCIPATION ACCORDING TO BLACK WOMEN (87) by Angela Y. Davis 1 year, 2 months ago