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[...] While subscription models have been around for centuries, for example in newspapers, what is novel today is their expansion to new realms [...] Part of what has enabled these product platforms to flourish in recent years is the stagnation in wages and the decline in savings [...] seemingly cheaper upfront fees appear more enticing. [...]

on product platforms, esp music

I don't fully agree with this analysis - I think the ability to rent only when you need something vs. buy & have it sit idle most of the time is great, and I think consumers recognise that and the flourishing of these platforms is primarily a result of their advantage. though ofc i think things like Spotify, Netflix, etc should be free because anything with zero marginal cost should be free (at least eventually) but that's a whole other line of reasoning

—p.72 Platform Capitalism (36) by Nick Srnicek 3¬†years, 7¬†months ago