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we are eating up the planet, the New York Times
takes a forest, every Sunday, Los Angeles
draws its water from the Sacramento Valley
the rivers of British Columbia are ours
on lease for 99 years

every large factory is an infringement
of our god-given right to light and air
to clean and flowing rivers stocked with fish
to the very possibility of life
for our children’s children, we will have to
look carefully, i.e., do we really want/
electricity and at what cost in natural resource human resource
do we need cars, when petroleum pumped from the earth poisons the land around for 100 years, pumped from the car poisons the hard-pressed cities, or try this statistic, the USA
has 5% of the world’s people uses over 50% of the world’s goods, our garbage holds matter for survival for uncounted ‘underdeveloped’ nations

—p.28 by Diane di Prima 1 year, 11 months ago